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Property Maintenance

As well as undertaking refurbishment, new installations and servicing for our customers, we also provide support for all manner of small works and general maintenance.


Our customers can contact us 24hrs for reactive issues, this can be for immediate attendance or for less urgent works with 24hrs or more.

Regular updates are provided from our team and detailed reports are given in real time from site, ensuring clarity of the issue and the works required.

Small Works

We feel it important to offer our customers a full-service capability, therefore we often complete small works taking less than an hour as well as the larger projects.

Our maintenance department is designed to undertake all manner of property, from perimeter walling and fencing, surfacing and drainage, through the building fabric and services up to roofing.


There are various forms of access at our disposal to ensure works can be carried out safely and as required. Our team are trained to use powered access for reactive and small works in addition to fixed scaffold for larger works.

Drones are a new and exciting option that we can now also offer, they are particularly useful for surveys in areas that would otherwise be difficult and costly to reach.

property maintenance

Our aims are to cater for the needs of our customers, delivering solutions on time and within budget.

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